Five Tips for Gift Wrapping this Holiday Season

We love the holiday season for many reasons here at Take A Seat Events: extra time spent with our loved ones, the beautiful decor, Christmas cookies (and lots of 'em), you name it. One of our favorite parts of this time of year, though, is gift wrapping! We love creating beautifully wrapped gifts for our loved ones and today we're sharing some of our tips!

  1. Add Your Favorite Details

To really dress up your packages, we suggest adding small, fun details. Some of our favorite additions include bells, cinnamon sticks or pieces of juniper. Also, when wrapping for those kiddos on your list, we suggest tying a small gift to the outside of the package; it’s an easy way to dress up your wrapping (and saves you from wrapping an additional present)!


2. Use Fun Gift Tags

A beautiful and quick way to create your own tags by using Christmas cards from years past. Pull out your favorite designs, cut out some squares (double check that you’re using the parts of the card that have a blank back), then use a hole-punch to create a small hole in the corners. Since your message is reserved for the back of the card, you can save some time not worrying about perfecting your calligraphy for those many presents you have to wrap. If you prefer to use readymade tags, we love MB Calligraphy's designs!

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 9.15.06 PM
Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 9.15.06 PM

3. Use Ribbon (and lots of it!)

Our absolute favorite way to dress up a package is by using ribbon. Check out your local craft store for some beautiful options. Have fun creating your own bows and mixing and matching colors, textures and designs. If you prefer premade, your local craft store will also have some already created, which are beautiful and super easy to add to your packages!

4. Seek Out Patterns

If you’re gifting more than one present to somebody on your list we suggest using a different pattern or texture wrapping paper for each gift. Once wrapped, tie them together with some gorgeous ribbon. It’s the holiday season, so have fun with all of the wrapping paper options and mix it up!


5. Don’t Forget the Inside of Your Package

After spending so much time perfecting the outside of your gifts, don’t forget to give the same attention to the inside. We love adding our favorite details (such as the cinnamon sticks or juniper). Also, try to match your box size to your gift as closely as possible. If you have a lot of extra room, add some tissue paper or crinkle cut fill. Your entire gift will surely impress those you love!

We hope you have fun gifting! Tag us on Instagram at @takeaseatevents as you wrap this season – we would love to see your designs and fun details! Happy Holidays!

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