Meet Our New Intern, Liv!

We're SO excited to announce that our Take A Seat team is growing! We have a busy and fun year ahead and we're thrilled to have found the perfect candidate to fill our Winter/Spring internship. Currently a student at the University of Michigan (GO BLUE!), she is also a passionate photographer and a lover of styling and the little details that make up memorable events. Over the next few months, she'll be helping out with our social media & blog, and taking on some event projects of her own! Please meet Liv, who has provided us with some interesting facts about herself below. Not sure if you've picked up on it yet, but our team is kinda big into traveling :)


Favorite place (city) you've visited: Los Angeles

Favorite beverage: Coke (preferably cherry)

Favorite cuisine/food: I'm a big foodie, so I can't really answer this question. If I had to pick one - Mexican food.

3 things you can't live without: My camera, coffee, and my family

3 things on your bucket list: To go to Greece, sail a boat, and learn French


What are you most looking forward to about this TAS internship? I am looking forward to learning from an amazing team and also the opportunity to style my own shoot!

Your greatest accomplishment - something that you're most proud of: Learning to surf in Costa Rica. As hilarious as this sounds, I have an irrational fear of sharks. Conquering your fears head on is exhilarating.


10 things you may not know about Liv!

1. Traveling is my absolute favorite.

2. Lake Michigan is cooler than the ocean.

3. Growing up I attended 5 different schools.

4. I am allergic to Christmas trees.

5. Animals are my favorite. I wish I could adopt all the pups in the world.

6. I despise cell phones.

7. My friends have dubbed me "sloth" because I love to sleep.

8. I am obsessed with my little sisters.

9. I grew up riding horses (my great grandpa had a horse farm of more than 200 horses).

10. Fall is my favorite time of the year (I get that from my momma).

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