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How to Create a Wedding Budget (That Works for You)!

Happy Friday, friends! If you are up in Michigan like our team, you are probably starting to feel the itch to ditch the sweaters for sun dresses and drive around with your windows down. This is the time of year where I become hyper productive as the days get longer and the weather gets (slightly) warmer. It’s a good time to tackle tasks that I usually dread. Though wedding planning is full of beautifully curated details, it is also full of less glamorous tasks like contracts, endless logistics, and the b-word. No, not that b-word. I’m talking about BUDGETS!

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D'Arcy and Chris were married this past June at the Grosse Point Academy Chapel. It was truly such an honor to be apart of their big day! Starting off with a Southern BBQ themed rehearsal dinner at the Grosse Pointe Little Club and ending with a gorgeous summer night of dancing underneath the stars, the entire wedding weekend was absolute perfection.

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5 Tips for Finding Your Perfect Wedding Dress

Every bride has a completely different experience when shopping for a wedding dress based on a variety of factors like where she lives, her love (or dislike) for fashion, whether she's been dreaming of what her gown would look like since she was a little girl or whether it's just another thing she has to figure out in planning her wedding. No matter the different feelings a bride has going into the experience, I think we can all agree that the wedding dress will ultimately set the tone for the wedding day and be one of the most memorable garments she will wear in her lifetime.

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