Changes at Take A Seat Events

Three years ago we started Take A Seat solely as a chiavari chair rental company. As much as we love chiavari chairs, lets be honest, this was never our passion. We had high hopes of one day turning our little chair business into an event planning company, using the chairs as our stepping-stone.


This past May we launched Take A Seat Events and hit the ground running. Six months later we have fully re-branded our company (thanks to the talented Jess Kasteler), collaborated and established new relationships with some great vendors, and have taken on exciting projects and events for the next year to come! With all of this movement and focus on event planning and design, we realized that something has got to give. In order for us to take our company closer to where we want to be in the long run, we’ve made the decision to let go of the chiavari chairs.

We've sold this portion of our business to a local rentals vendor and will continue to work with them in the future. We are happy about the decision that we have made, and feel confident that it will give us the opportunity to grow in the right direction. We want to thank all of our past rentals clients who have supported us over the past three years. We would not be where we are today without you!

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